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The Written Word

02 Aug 2010 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

Maybe this is because I recently got burned bigtime for something I signed, but the idea of what we author has really been on my mind lately. Think about this. We type EVERYTHING now. Whether it’s Twitter, Email, Texts, Blog Entries, Facebook Updates, the list of what we digitally author grows with each passing year. My Iphone alone will probably soon double the amount of typed information being filed away in those “secure” digital vaults.

Now, there are all sorts of legal ramifications to what you write. At a recent Memphis MGMA meeting, I learned about how social media affects the corporate world. I get that. Watch what you say about your company. If you’re a corporation, develop policies and standards. Done.

What’s been banging around in my head is much more philosophical. What is the written word doing for us in terms of our relationships and how we express ourselves to others? I’ve seen perfectly pleasant people get downright nasty behind an email. It’s the lack of real confrontation that empowers them. I’ve seen drunk Facebook updates. Wow, now that’s a GREAT idea. Combine the narcissism of social media with the arm’s length nature of the digital world  and everyone becomes empowered, confident creatures. While there are positive aspects to that evolution, my mind immediately says this.

Many people will say don’t put something in writing that you wouldn’t say in person. I believe we should take that a step further and adopt the mantra of don’t put in writing EVERYTHING you would say in person. In writing, you don’t get to take that back.

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